Every Order of 12 gets a $1.60 Discount

That's a FREE Empanada!

Every Order of 12 gets a FREE side of Aioli Sauce


• An Empanada should always be served warm, never too hot!

• Pour a dab of Soy Sauce on your Meat Empanadas after the first bite, the Argentinean way!

• Empanadas can be kept in your fridge for a Week or frozen for a Month, so stock up!

• Traditionally, Empanadas are enjoyed by just wrapping them in a napkin and chomping away, but they also look great on a dinner plate with a side salad, make it your style!

• To warm up use Microwave for 30 Seconds or Oven at 350°F for 6-8 Minutes (you'll get better results with the oven).



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Payment Methods include: Cash, Check, Credit Card or Venmo
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